Where I Learn That My Cakes Have Created a Problem

Little T's 5th birthday is comin' up fast. She's seen the cakes I've made for other occasions. She came to me this morning with this:

"Mommy, you know what my cake wants to look like?

It wants to be grassy, with bushes, and flowers, and there’s a bench, with flowers and bushes next to it, and a little girl is sitting on the bench playing guitar, and her pants have flowers, and her shoes have flowers and her shirt says “Yeah, I play like a monkey, jealous?” And did I tell you about the sun part? I want the sun up in the sky. Oh, and a rainbow.

OK mommy? Can my cake look like that?"


* * *


Sandy said…
Holy cannoli! Good luck with that and we do expect pictures!
Homemaker Man said…
After looking at the other cakes, I expect that'll be a breeze. And the saying Yeah, I play like a monkey. Jealous? Should be popping up on tshirts everywhere very soon.

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