I made this cake for my friend Debra's housewarming party. See, we call her D'Bee for fun. Hence, a bumblebee cake.

I heart decorating cakes. It's the only Martha Stewart thing I do. Trust me, it's out of character.

I got the idea from a picture of another bumblebee cake I found on the internet, and adapted it to suit the tools and stuff I have. It was easy and FUN!

If I ever do this again, which is about as likely as my getting a PhD in astrophysics, like Brian May of Queen, I will shape the whole cake and the wings differently, to avoid the butterfly similarity. One of my daughters said: "That's not a bee, that's a butterfly, mom." She was a little disgusted with me.

No matter. I loved it. D'Bee loved it. That's enough.

* * *


nicole said…
so martha of you!!
Homemaker Man said…
Adorable. I took it as a bee lying on a butterfly mattress. It's an ironic bee.

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