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Jersey Day!

Barca fans at St. Jerome Catholic School's Jersey Day! * * *


In the last 42 years -- since MLK, Jr. and Robert Kennedy both died by gunfire -- 1,260,703 Americans have suffered the same fate.  That figure is more than the total number of casualties our country has sustained in every single war we have fought since our founding Revolution.  659,000 Americans have died in combat over the last 240 years.   Twice as many have died in one-fifth the time on our streets, in our homes and businesses, at our malls and theaters, and even in our classrooms. * 1,260,703 lives. 1,260,703 souls. 1,260,703 stories. There is so much rhetoric flying around these days about gun policy and gun rights and gun violence and gun owners.  And all the while, there are 1,260,703 holes in the fabric of our society that no one can mend.   Sure, some of those unmended holes were occupied by "bad guys."  Some of those victims were drug dealers, gang bangers, criminals, and losers.  Does that really make it OK?  Are we ready to abandon our inner cities c

Joy in Sadness

The following conversation ensued when I informed the kids I would be attending a funeral. First Kid :  "Mom, why are funerals always sad?" Me : "Well, they aren't always sad." Second Kid : "Yeah First Kid: Yours won't be." * * * Ahhhhhh, siblings. * * *

Not So Fast

Time to stop the madness.  The digital, virtual, electronic interface is too much with us, and I, for one, am taking a stand.  Therefore:  I will be live tweeting my upcoming week-long Facebook fast. * * *