The Worst Kind

I am the worst kind of homemaker.

There are three kinds, you know.

There's the kind that is very good at organizing her (usually her) house, who knows how to arrange furniture for maximum visual appeal and comfort, and knows how to keep things running smoothly. This person places a high value on what she provides to her family and does it well.

There's the kind that isn't good at any of it, and doesn't care. She is able to live her life quite happily without the burden of paying attention to domestic issues. Either someone else does it for her, or it all goes undone, and that's just fine.

Then there's me. I place a very high value on having a well organized, efficient and comfortable household...and I can't for the life of me make it happen. I live in chaos while dreaming of order. I wade through laundry while hoping for tidy drawers. I step over shoes while wishing for empty floors. Dreaming, hoping, and wishing do not a happy household make. At least not all by themselves. That whole piece of knowing how to make it happen? That eludes me.

And that's a recipe for frustration right there.

What kind are you?

* * *


I was that kind, too - until I discovered
I know flylady. I'm in her cult. I try. I'm not there yet.
nicole said…
dare i comment?
No, Nicole; you do not! :).
emireland said…
At least you have an excuse. You have 5 under 12 and homeschooling. What about the homemaker with kids who are in school all day, mostly gets themselves to their respective after school activities and the house is still a mess?
I'm the worst kind too and I have a cleaning lady come every two weeks. We hired her when the babies were 9 months old and starting to crawl. That is when I realized it had been over a year since my floors were mopped. Anyway, even with the help, I manage to step in something sticky every day.
Gayle B said…
I'm in between #2 and #3. I love the idea of a clean and organized house, but I don't want it so badly that I have any angst about not reaching that goal. What I really desire is that ultra cool snap that Mary Poppins uses to tidy up the nursery. I think that would work wonders on my kitchen.

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