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New Rules

“ Were you scared? ” I asked her. “ Well, maybe a little. But the good news is, I thought, is that I was in the computer room, which is waaaaaaaay at the back of the school, and I figured that if anyone got into the school, he probably wouldn’t get all the way back to us there, so we were probably fine .”  She went on: “ We hid under the computer tables, which was gross because people stick their gum under there. So we had to lie there and stare at old gum. So I pulled out a book and started to read so I wouldn’t have to stare at the gum .”  And a little later: “ My teacher didn’t get underneath anything though. She just kept walking around. Shouldn’t she be safe too? ” I agreed with her that yes, her teacher should be safe too. This is the conversation I had with my daughter recently, after her school experienced a lock down. The episode was brief: the lockdown was triggered not by anything dangerous happening at the school but by police activity in the