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Nine to Five, Here I Come!

Two seemingly unrelated bits of news: Item the first : I bought a whole pineapple yesterday, because it's Lola's birthday today and she requested one -- (she is now a decade old, and yes, I'm a little verklempt by that fact, thank you very much) -- and I put the pineapple on the counter to wait for morning. Item the second : We've had some sickies around here the past few days, plus one child recovering from outpatient surgery, so we've been powering through pain reliever/fever reducer.  We've used this item a lot: But see, when you have a lot of players, things that seem unrelated all of the sudden become inextricably linked.  To my high blood pressure, hair loss, and desire to run for the hills. Yesterday afternoon, I walked into the kitchen, and found one of my sons, repeatedly stabbing the pineapple with the medical syringe, sucking out the pineapple juice and happily shooting it into his mouth. * * * It's OK though!  I start a new job to

Recycling: It's Good for the Bottle, It's Good for the Blog Post

OMGosh.  I've missed writing here.  Life, at breakneck speed, has come between me and my computer of late.  There are big changes coming to my big family, changes that do not involve us getting any bigger, mind you, but changes that are occupying my time and talents lately. More on that later. In the meantime, let me go green for a moment, and recycle a post celebrating the dad in this family.  Originally a birthday greeting, it's being trotted out this time as a Father's Day message. Here's the thing I tell my kids about gifts.  The greatest gift we can ever give to someone we love is our words.  Our thoughts, expressed.  Our memories and stories, written down, preserved.  Words never fade or fray.  They never need batteries.  They never crack or snap in two.  We never grow out of them.  They last forever, on paper or in our hearts.  They weave together the strands that keep us together. And so, on Father's Day, with barely two sticks to rub together, we ha

"80-20 Dirtbags"

I can't quite explain why I loved Act II of This American Life's Crime Scene episode, but I loved it enough that I am telling everyone I know to listen to it.  And I'm sharing the link here, because this was the most entertaining 13 minutes of my week, hands down. To be sure, there is a sky-high gross-out factor.  If you're are squeamish, I feel bad for you because you probably shouldn't listen, which means you'll miss out big time. I will say this much: Act II features a guy who took his inspiration from Mr. Wolf, as in "Here you go Mr. Wolf."  That is pure gold. Listen.

You know you have a big family when... room forts make you bone-crushingly tired.  When the sight of blankets and chairs set up in crazy patterns all over the house is no longer cute nor a sign of the most amazingly creative and intelligent children ever.  When living room forts make you irrationally, inexplicably want to weep. That's when you know. * * *