There Oughta Be A Law

You know how there ought to be a law against mothers getting sick?

Yeah, well, there isn't one yet, and I went and got sick yesterday, and the house...well...not that it was the picture of efficiency before I took to my bed, but let's just say the chaos took its best opportunity to get the upper hand and is now doing victory laps all over the property.

Things I learned when I emerged from my bed this morning:
  • Laundry piles breed like rabbits.
  • Yesterday's breakfast dishes had a camp out on my kitchen counter, later joined by the lunch and dinner dishes, and the party is still going on. I've heard talk of s'mores.
  • Shoes are magnetically attracted to my living room floor. I just counted 17 of them in there.
  • When I am sick, the dog seems to shed 3x as much as usual. I think she worries about me. Or perhaps she worries who will feed her if I am down for the count.
Suffice it to say, that even though I am not quite fully recovered from whatever bug was buggin' me yesterday, I cannot CANNOT be out of commission for another day. I'd wake up to to find my family buried underneath piles of dirty socks.

So I'm taking a page from Fly Lady's book, setting my timer, and cleaning as much as I can for 15 minutes. Then I am stopping and drinking water and blogging and checking email, texts, and facebook for 15 minutes. And then I will repeat the cycle. It'll get me through the day, and at least I won't be more behind by the end.

I'm a fledgling Fly Girl, but the 15 minute thing works for me.

The getting sick thing? Not so much.

* * *

bouquet courtesy of Lady E, age 6

* * *


RyanAnn said…
Ohhhh maaaaan! I can so completely relate to this. :( Hope you are at least feeling better now.

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