Purple Haze

Let the Birthday Party Season commence! This past weekend, we hosted a birthday party for our 8 year old. Thus begins a wild ride that will see us hosting four more birthday parties in three and a half months.

Birthday parties render me comatose. After yesterday's festivities, I am in a haze. Thus, the title of this post. The purple? Why, that would be because of this:

She's a self-respecting rockin' eight year old girl, and this was the cake she wanted. Plus a treasure hunt, plus a soccer game. Plus steak. With 11 little friends.

No wonder I'm comatose.

One down, four to go. Must start self-medicating now, and keep myself there until October 13th


Sandy said…
Steak for 11+? I wouldn't be comatose, I would still be in shock! Terrific looking cake.
Teacher Mommy said…

Great cake!
Monica said…
Thank you Sandy and Teacher Mommy. And I should clarify: my daughter really, really loves steak, but yes, steak for 11 would be ridiculous. So we stopped by a local tacqueria and got a dinner plate (huge) size filled with just their grilled steak. Yummy, not too expensive, and enough to satisfy 11 eight year olds. We've done this now for two of her birthday parties, plus her 1st Communion party. No cooking necessary. :)

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