7 Quick Takes: Volume 33

I spent way too much time writing my quick takes post this morning and lost the entire thing. Will attempt to recreate it now, double time. First, let me wipe away tears of internet-induced frustration.

Aaaand, here we go:

(1) Cringe.

I am an idiot. I just figured out yesterday that I've been mis-singing a lyric in my all time favorite Beatles song. I thought the Hey Jude line was "the moment you need is on your shoulder," but actually it's "the movement you need is on your shoulder." I've even used this line, or my version of it, in two blog posts.

I stand corrected. Sheepishly corrected. I fixed one of the posts, but left the other as is, to keep myself humble.

Please feel free to make me feel better by telling me your own most embarrassing Lyric Fail.

(2) Wisdom.

After a particularly awesome soccer practice last night, Lola Berry said:

"When you play hard and do well, you have more fun."
Perhaps this would be good to remember for life in general.

(3) Celebrating

Instead of being at BlogHer '11, I am here with my daughters celebrating Dangles the Monkey's birthday (she has a few per week). Little T took an orange coat off her Molly Wiggins doll, wrapped it up, and gave it to Dangles as a present. We think she looks charming in her new toggs. We are having blueberry muffins for "cake," and washing it down with Irish breakfast tea with cream and sugar.

All this and I saved at least $300!

(4) Sleep, or the Lack Thereof.

I need sleep. Badly. My son's alarm went off last night at midnight -- he claims he has no idea who set it -- and kept going off at neat five minute intervals for the next 35 minutes. Right next to his head. He did not hear it. I finally got up and crushed the thing with a stiletto heel to get it to stop, and then I couldn't get back to sleep until around 3am. Two hours later, I was awakened again, this time by a pee-soaked four year old. Don't worry, she didn't suffer the same fate as the alarm.

So. I'm tired. And I decided my girls can spend this particular summer day watching a movie. Their survival might depend on it.

(5) A Growl a Day.

To make myself feel better about letting my girls be couch potatoes today, I decided to take them and the dog on a quick walk before starting the movie. They wanted to ride various wheeled conveyances: Lola Berry, a bike; Lady E, a scooter; Little T, a trik. "NO WAY!" I said. "We will get half way down the block, and you will get tired, and you'll want me to take your wheels, and I will have the dog, and NO WAY!"

we won't we promise we won't we promise we won't we promise
Please, please please please please please
mommie mommie mommie mommie mommie mommie mommie

You know I gave in to that onslaught. Fast forward, not far, just half way down the block, and two of them were standing next to their wheels and wailing. That's when I heard a gutteral shout: "Stay with your wheels and ride! That's the deal!" I didn't even know I could make myself sound like that.

It all worked out. We made it all the way around the block with wheels turning and people riding, and by half way through, Little T had stopped whining "But my legs are full!" She even raced me the last stretch to home.

(6) The Price

I've written about this hillside a couple of times before. The first time, back in April of 2008, the sign read 4,012. More than 2,000 U. S. soldiers have died since then. We should always know the price of war. Today, it's 6,175 priceless lives.

Actually it's much higher than that, because that number only counts American servicemen and women, not soldiers from any other country, not American contractors, not civilians, not enemies.

But for the 6,175 and counting, there is a hillside to always remind us.

(7) The Sun.

It's overcast here today, so we had to find our sun from another source:

Luckily, we only had to go as far as our back garden. Here's hoping everyone finds a little sunshine in their Friday.

* * *

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RE #1 ... you are not an idiot, let me tell you: For YEARS I thought the lyrics for Paul Simon's song was Diamonds on the soda machine INSTEAD of Diamonds on the soles of her shoes. My husband was thunderstruck, to say the least!
Dad said…
Who can't stop humming the tune to "Gimme the Beach Boys to free my soul, I gotta get lost in your rock and roll...." I have taken a lot of grief about that from Emily, Jesse and Buzzy.
Bless you Bia.

And Dad, you are so cute! I only wish I had been there when that gem came out. :)
Anonymous said…
#4 made me laugh! I might have to get a stilleto heel just for that reason! My 16 yr old never hears his alarm either and it always wakes up his 6 yr old roommate!! Thanks for the chuckle!!

Erin said…
I found you through the NaBloPoMo, and you are hilarious! Remind me a bit of myself... especially the guttural shout you spoke of. Sometimes I fear an exorcist is in order from the sounds that come out of my mouth! And good for you sticking to your guns and making them ride! I've found myself walking down the block pushing a stroller and carrying a big wheel over each arm. That's less than fun. :)

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