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Don't Miss This Opportunity

Yesterday, I found out why I've been experiencing muscle pain and muscle fatigue for the past several months: turns out I have a pretty severe Vitamin D deficiency.  How delightful that my inability to move is not a character flaw!  How delightful is health insurance!  How delightful that, with Vitamin D supplements on board, my children might remember me for something besides collapsing on my pillows!  I am so looking forward to feeling better. This discovery is a good reminder that we should listen to our bodies.  I've been ignoring my collection of symptoms for a long, long time, assuming that it was just a matter of not getting enough rest, or just because I'm getting older, or just not important enough to pay attention to.  I would never have ignored the ongoing, chronic aches and pains of one of my children; why was I willing to ignore my own? Think about your own body: are you ignoring anything that you maybe should give a little credence to?  Anything worth aski

Bella Gets Her Wish

Transcription : Once upon a time a princess lived.   Her name was Bella.   Bella worked hard for what she wanted, which wasn’t very hard because she got whatever whenever she wanted.   One day Bella saw normal children doing normal things getting dirty in the dirt.   She smiled.   She wished she could get dirty and laugh.   She always had to be clean and dainty.   She thought “Ick!” “I hate being all dainty and pretty!” said Bella.   The next morning she woke up in a ordinary green house instead of a castle.   She went into her living room and found her parents but they were ordinary parents not dainty parents.   Bella smiled and thought “My wish came true!” For the rest of her life she will be normal and dirty not dainty, not clean, and not a princess, but a soccer player.   The End. * * * Why yes, we do live in a green house, as a matter of fact.  And yes, we are rather ordinary.  I love this kid's stories.  Here

Kelly Corrigan Has Great Timing

OK. 15 years into the parenting "adventure" and some of the shine has worn off the rose just a bit.  Because this?  Is hard.  Really, really hard. We, my husband and I, are trying to raise people.  Human beings who will hopefully one day be happy, successful (in whatever way is important to them), and kind. I want them to remember childhood fondly. I want them to be strong and moral. I want them to help others. But first, I want them to clean their rooms and do their homework.  And maybe -- as a bonus -- maybe not look for new and creative ways to torture their siblings. And that's what's so damn hard, that I know there is a connection between doing homework and helping others later in life, I just know there is, but it's not rational, and it's not linear, and it's messy and complicated, and I cannot for the life of me figure out just what kind of parent I am. On good days, I know that parenting is art, not science.  On bad days, I'm just