Little T's Bedtime Send Off

Little T has been in bed for a bit, but she just stumbled down to ask us this:

"How do people die when they don't even hurt themselves?"

I told her that that can happen when people are very, very, very old, and after they have lived a long time and had a great life.  Lame.

Rick told her that "it just happens sometimes," and that she didn't need to worry about it.

She seemed happy with both answers.

Then, Rick took her onto his lap, cuddled with her for a minute, and said: "Will you take care of me when I am old?"

She said no.

After a little back and forth, she flitted back up to bed.  From her room, she fired down the final salvo:


So she's thinking: "I'm four, and he's asking ME to take care of HIM.  He must be bonkers."

Plus, we all know how she feels about old people.

She's not the only game in town.  I think he'd better put his money on a different horse.

* * *


Varda said…
Hi, I was at a cartoonists dinner with your NYC brother Tony last night and we got onto the subject of what I do (Mom blogger) & he told me about you & then sent me a link today. My husband is a comicbook professional, too & I've your bro a number of times at various comics & cartooning events.

Were you at BlogHer this year (since it was in your state?) I was.
Homemaker Man said…
Good for her. She has to lay that stuff out now before you guys try to take advantage.

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