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Embrace the Face

Every wrinkle, a memory. Every crease, a story. Every line and bump and spot and blemish, part of the soulful journey of my life, the trips around the sun and to the grocery store, the steps taken in joy and in pain. Every imperfection a testament. I embrace them all, and wear them as badges of my strength, power, resilience, and capacity for love. Age, I embrace the lessons you have to teach and the joy you have to cultivate. * * * Whatever. I don't believe a word of that, but my teenage daughters are all about manifesting shit, and what the hell, it's free, I thought I'd give it try. If you need me, me and my wrinkles will be over here waiting for transformation. * * * image source  

Recipe for a Happy Life

image source For Rick on his birthday.  Find someone who delights in words, marvels at them, picks them up like precious stones, turning them this way and that to see colors and variations. Someone who sees possibilities in angles and spaces and movement, for whom patterns are beautiful. Someone who protects and curates your bottle cap collection, even if you don't have one. Someone who wears work shoes for work purposes. Someone who speaks, who gives voice to what needs to live out loud; you won't always understand, but you will be more grateful with each passing day, week, month, and year. It also helps if he loves — truly loves, with deep devotion — a tree.  Find someone with the gift of thrift, who will discover perfectly soled sambas, sturdy backpacks, the sweetest little ceramic bowls, more glassware than any kitchen cabinet can hold, and endless treasures you did not know would bring you joy. Someone -- that special someone -- you can't wait to annoy for the rest of