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Nitty Gritty Little Ditty

Tonight I cannot write a post Because my brain has turned to toast. The day has worn me to a nub, I need to sink into the tub. But can't because I'm too darn beat, And find I cannot move my feet. It's all their fault, this state of woe, As every mom does surely know. Theirs, the fault for my malaise. Theirs, the fault for this dark haze. For in the space past 5 o-clock, My children hover and they stalk Each other just to make me scream So they can say YOU ARE SO MEAN. Tonight the girls did cry and fight, And test my patience with great might. And bicker, bother, pick and poke And hassle till my heart done broke. They are nasty, brutish, short: Hobbes was right, sad to report. My spouse is out, I'm on my own. Herding cats, all alone. Then a toilet I had to fix. And toss a dog into the mix. (I found her  on  our dining table. Chaos, people, is here enabled.) And then I had to feed the crowd. The complaints were both too many and loud. Feedi

A Field of Mustard, a Climbable Tree

We walked up and into the bright, cold, late winter morning, rolling hills of green in every direction. My calves, tight and rusty, objected as I huffed and puffed up the narrow trail, quick daughter at my side. She stopped to move a rolly polly off the trail and into the tall grasses, the tiny creature now safe from less observant hikers.  Our mission: find cows. At the top of the first steep incline with another just ahead, multiple paths offered themselves. We stood catching our breath, already sweaty in the bright sun. She was sure, having been here the week before, that if we went left, down into the small copse below, we would emerge on the other side in a field of mustard where the cows would be. Off we went, following a cattle, not people, trail (they know all the best places). We arced down and to the left, then back to the right. We ducked under a low tree branch: how did the cows traverse this part , we wondered to each other. Then through a tiny meadow, not much more than a