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Dump the Unhappy!

I am delighted to help this video receive the widest viewership possible. Visit The Real Bears , watch what soda really does to those super cute polar bears, and then share the video widely, on your blog, via email, and with your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn networks.  Or, just TELL someone about it!  Radical! * * *

A Little Perspective

This is how you know your kids are over-exposed to public radio. V: "Mom, this dinner would be a lot better if you didn't include the chicken." pause V: "With a perspective, I'm Vincenzo Alatorre." * * * This probably only makes sense to Bay Area readers.  Trust me, it means I've successfully indoctrinated him.  * * *

Remember the Butts, Mom?

When my oldest was small, probably around 3 or 4, we were at the family pub one afternoon, enjoying some live music and cold beverages. There was a sign next to a planter box on the patio that said: "Please, no cigarette butts." My little guy interpreted this to mean: "Please, no cigarette idiots may hang out here." So when he saw a man smoking on the patio, he said: "Mommy, that cigarette butt isn't supposed to be smoking out here!" * * * He's fourteen now, and just reminded me of this story last night.  I had forgotten it. And that is how I came to chuckle and smile on a day that was otherwise filled with a broken washing machine, a flooded garage, mountains of laundry, too much homework, too much chore-resistance, not nearly enough time, and a house strewn with debris from our kitchen garbage can, spread liberally about by a dog who apparently needs more exercise. * * * Take those moments where you find them, friends. * * *


Until about 20 minutes ago, I was not one of the millions of people around the world who had already seen this TED talk from 2006 by Sir Ken Robinson .  Now, thankfully, gratefully, I am. I want to start each day with Sir Ken's ideas on my mind and in my heart, in the words I speak to my family and in the words I reserve for myself. Join the millions: watch this TED talk. * * *

Meep Meep!

One sibling's obervation: "Mom, if you think about it, Little T is kind of like the Roadrunner, and the rest of us in the family are Wile E. Coyote." It's true: after a battle of wills, I often feel as if I've been smacked with an Acme anvil. Image source:   Prayers accepted. * * *