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Memorial Day Muffins

Because people have died for our freedom. Which does not give you the freedom to be a greedy pig. * * *

Further Proof That I Still Do Not Get Enough Sleep

In the early morn, cup of coffee in hand, I'm scrolling through overnight emails and slowly getting my brain moving for the day. My inbox has a Living Social email in it, one of those daily deal super fabulous coupon dealios.  The subject line says: Dog Boarding . And for the life of me, I cannot figure out why anyone , even here in anything-goes California, would pay to have their dog go surfing, with or without a coupon. That image?  You can buy it as a sticker!  No, not from me; I thought since I'm using their fun image, I could at least link to the site where you can buy it. Click here . * * *

Do Not Teach Children To Help Out Around the House. Bad Things Happen

Ever feel like you're the only one in your family who cleans up?  The only one who keeps things running smoothly?  The only one who replaces the toilet paper roll, puts folded towels in the linen closet, keeps things in their rightful places? Is so, consider yourself lucky. I fell into the trap of trying to teach my kids responsibility , of trying to instill in them a sense of cooperation , of trying to make them human.  Big mistake.  Here are two cautionary tales from my botched attempt to get some help around the house. Tale #1: When Other People Clean, You Will Be Late I recently re-instituted the simple idea of straightening up the common areas every evening.  We've been in this habit before, but have fallen woefully out of it, so I felt it was important to whip us back into shape.  The result?  We all went to bed in a clean house.  Mostly.  The other result?  The next morning, as we were trying to get out the door to school, I could not find my purse anywhere.  I l

Me and Me and Me

A meme! This might be just the thing to bring this sad little blog back from the brink of extinction. I have been tagged by Homemaker Man , who has posed the following questions for me (and 10 others) to answer. I will come up with 11 new questions, and tag some more people to participate. 1. Have you ever stolen anything in your life (don't answer this if it's a felony still under the stature of limitations. Disclaimed)? YES. That is all I have to say on that score. Because the memory of marching back to the market and fessing up to the store manager about a certain purloined pack of Bubblicious Burst liquid center-filled sour cherry bubble gum is just too painful. Thanks Mom. 2. Can you read my mind? YES. You are thinking about your Lovey. 3. Coopon or Q-pon (there is a correct answer here)? Q-pon. Totally Q-pon. Coopon is pretentious and silly. Everyone knows that. 4. Medium rare or vegetarian? Oh, for the love of Joel Salatin , go medium rare or go

We Are Raising Lazy, Uncultured Waifs

Overheard at my house, during a conversation about Led Zeppelin's signature song: "A stairway to heaven would be really long and inconvenient. They really should have made it an escalator." And I can do nothing but shake my head and weep for the next generation. * * *

7 Quick Words

THE GARDEN TOUR IS ON SUNDAY: YAHOO! Humm babies in the Manzanita... coffeeberry after rain... an iris, a perfect iris * * *