Flip This

Flip-flop birthday cake for an end-of-summer birthday party sleepover:

K, so I've got 9 little girls (11 if you count the little sisters, which you really have to do) draped all over my living room, watching The Parent Trap, the first one. These are the cutest, funniest, most polite, quirkiest, kindest girls ever.

My daughter is one lucky, blessed little girl. And her mother is one weary lady.

One down, four to go. Eight weeks from now, I will have pulled off birthday celebrations for all five kids. Just in time to gear up for the holidays.

* * *


Kate Hall said…
ok, no offense but completely grossed out by flipflops that one would put one's mouth on... :) very glad you've got your first sleepover under your belt and are well on your way to the holidays. - when you can rest...
hahaha. oh loopy mornings...
WME, that's hilarious...I hadn't thought of that, but now those cakes look kind of stinky to me! :)

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