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I crave crunchy gravel, Clean swept wooden decks, Cool, misty sprinklers in the evening. I crave the deepest forest quiet, Leaves settling and pinging into place. Hummingbird wings pulsing through thick summer air. I crave the stillness of time. The suspension of need and want and craving itself. The commandments of land and water, field and sunshine. Out there, everything makes sense and fits together. Out there, we both belong and understand. The dry creek beds and the smell of dirt tell us who we are. Let’s go there together.

What Is Wrong With Us?

Our country is in a rather distressing situation.  I chose those mild words deliberately because losing my mind over the current state of affairs is getting exhausting. But really, we do seem to be headed for a fall: everyone is angry at someone; everyone is sure their side is right.  Everyone feels panic about something: guns, abortion, immigrants, you name it.  But how do we break through the noise and weirdness that has gripped our national discourse?  How do we ask real questions and listen to real answers?  Nearly every single thing I see on Twitter, or Facebook, or in the news features someone spouting their incredulity at "the other side."  All around us, people are fighting and ranting.  No one seems to be getting past the rant.  Rants feel great, don't they?  Just this morning, I went on a very satisfying one about my ungrateful children and how infuriating it is to confront what seems like their complete lack of awareness and consideration.  I ranted.  I rav