7 Quick Takes: Volume 36

Another Friday's come around,
We've made it here both safe and sound.
Glad you're here with me and mine,
Would you like a glass of wine?

I've had several, so up you catch!
And help me with a plan to hatch.
Find a way (or find some elves)
To make the children raise themselves.

So I can spend my days and nights
On silly fun and fancy flights.
On making life an endless game--
Oh wait--my kids already do the same!

Pull up a chair and share a toast
And visit our 7 Quick Takes host.
Visit the others playing along,
And may your weekend be a song.


Soccer season starts this weekend with a bang: three kids are in tournaments, which means we have 9 games minimum, and 12 if their teams all do well.

I think I will encourage Little T to take up knitting as a sport.


I just started a great new book: Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand. She also wrote Seabiscuit, although I have not read that. I'm only on page 25 and I am really enjoying it. The subtitle is: "A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption."

Usually, I read only fiction. But I've wanted to change that, and when a friend recommended this book to me the other day and put it directly into my hand to borrow, I was thrilled.

Have any of you read it? And/or: what's your favorite non-fiction book?


I am still adding to my list of movies to use during our new homeschooling year. My friend Nicole gave me another great idea today: Miracle. Thanks Nic!

Please, share your ideas for great family movies. They can be educational in nature, or pure fun, like the original Parent Trap. We will be watching one movie per school week on our crappy TV, and I'm hoping this will be a highlight of the year. And if anyone out there wants to buy me a flat screen TV, purely to enhance my kids' educational experience of course, I am totally open to that.

Also, let me know if you'd like to receive a copy of my List Of Super Awesome Movies For Homeschoolin' Families or For Peeps Who Just Like To Watch Movies, once it's finalized.


Another homeschooling milestone reached! Lady E ran into the garage today, where I was failing at yet another attempt at organizing chaos, and announced: "Mommy, Mommy! I finally learned how to arm fart!"

She even offered to give me a tutorial, complete with things she tried that failed. That's the beauty of education: sharing what we've learned with others.

I get a little teary just thinking about it.


There is a brand spankin' new Safeway in my neighborhood. It is gigantic. It is fancy. It has a sushi bar. It has a Starbucks. It has cafe seating. It's decor is all chocolate and mocha. It has hardwood-ish floors in the produce section. It has new disco mini-carts.

I hate it.

It's way too big and takes forever to get through. It's freezing in there. The dairy section is in a different zip code than the produce department. They now have 4,322 different kinds of cereal instead of 3,457. And their deli still takes a kajillion years to make a sandwich. (I know of what I speak: my first job, which I had for four years of high school was in a deli, and I know how to make a damn good sandwich fast. My fingers itch when I order sandwiches at the Safeway deli. Silly me, I though it might be different with a fancy new facility. Not true.)

A Facebook friend of mine put it best when she posted the other day: "I miss my ghetto Safeway." So do I, Carol; so do I.

I do kinda like the disco mini-carts, though.


Note to self: do not let practically 5 year old children take naps. You will pay dearly for it come 11pm.

And wouldn't you think a mother of five would have learned that by now? It turns out that sleep is seductive, both for the sleeper and for the beneficiary of a sleeping monkey-tornado.


"Foods" that irritate me: Hot Pockets. Pizza Rolls. Danimals. Lunchables. Smores-Flavored Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. Really?

Just because you can do it doesn't mean it's a good idea. Really.


A goofy photo for your Friday. I hope this makes you smile.

* * *


Monica said…
3. How about E.T.? It was one of my favorites as a kid. I also loved a bunch of Disney 70s films, like Freaky Friday, Escape To Witch Mountain, Escape From Witch Mountain, etc. Also, Bad News Bears (the original) is fantastic.

5. That new Safeway bugs me, too, but I haven't been inside yet. I'm just annoyed because it has completely ruined traffic flow on San Pablo. It makes it harder for me to get to the Drive-Thru Starbucks (the only thing that keeps me sane some days).

Lastly, we're 'officially' homeschooling this year. (My oldest is in K.) I know we talked about meeting up but never did it; maybe we can hang sometime soon. I'll shoot you an email.

Have a great Friday!
nicole said…
as for #5 arg. i hated the ghetto safeway but i think i hate this one more...it is costco big. ack.
as for #6 I AGREE!
as #7 iam so glad the smile comes in handy once and awhile.

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