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I'm at Least as Strong & Stubborn as They Are

I am rusty. I used to sit down in front of my blog and write, write, write. Words flowed out of me as fast as my kids could mess up the kitchen, and I could barely keep up with the stories and ideas pouring out of my mind.  Now, I rarely think of something I want to write about, or I censor it before it travels from my brain to my fingertips.  Even as I try to get the writing habit back, it feels foreign, clunky, awkward. Yucky. Two main things have contributed to the demise of my writing: Teenagers and Social Media . First, I've had teenagers for something like seven years and will have them for another 8.  Writing a blog about parenting and family life is much harder with teenagers around.  They aren't exactly thrilled with me using them as blog fodder.  I used to write funny anecdotes about my kids all the time.  Now, things are different.  Either teenagers just aren't that funny or cute, or they're waaaaaay more sensitive than younger kids about parents tell