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A Letter

Dear Child of Mine,

Amidst the Chaos

Just goes to show, if you fast forward everything and add a catchy soundtrack,  life looks pretty darn great. I jest.  Life is pretty darn great.  It's stressful and hard, noisy and (sometimes) scary, and there are lots of tears… …but it's still great. * * *

Unprepared and Nostalgic

My daughters are dressed in their Holiday finery, and we are about to leave for the annual St. Jerome Christmas Concert.   This has been a strange Advent.  More than ever before, it has snuck up on us, and we are unprepared in this season of preparing.  We don't even have our Christmas tree yet. As the days whiz by, and I wake up each day farther behind than the day before, and I try like hell to hold on to the things that matter and let go of the things that don't, I find myself literally catching my breath.  I find myself confused by how fast time goes by. For example, four years doesn't seem like a lifetime ago, but four years go, I wrote a reflection upon coming home from the 2009 Christmas Concert.  Reading it now, I almost feel like I'm reading about some other family instead of mine.  So much has happened since then. One thing remains the same though: I am still finding, daily and in the midst of chaos and confusion, the things that make me call this a h

Giving Tuesday is Here!

Today is Giving Tuesday! Yes, I know you've heard of Black Friday.  Maybe even Small Business Saturday.  Betcha know what Cyber Monday is. All of those are designed to line the pockets of for profit enterprises.  For profit enterprises are wonderful: without them, I wouldn't have my Racer 5, my nice writing instruments, this computer I'm tapping away one, the hand-knit irish sweater I'm wearing…you get the idea. But what about a day for non-profit enterprises ?  They deserve some love too, right?  RIGHT! That's what Giving Tuesday is, a new day for giving back and for celebrating our national generosity and good will.  Certainly you can think of a cause or two worth your time and money, yes? And if not, I've got one for you!   Envision Education -- an amazing organization that transforms the lives of students, especially those who are the first in their families to go to college, by giving them great schools that will prepare them for success in c

You know have a big family when...

…your daughter comes downstairs sleepy-headed, and the first words out of her mouth are: "Did my lemonade survive the night? " * * *