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When You Have Older Brothers

In the car, of course, on the way to some kid function (of which there are many), Vincenzo was playing with two whiffle balls he got from his baseball coach. They both cracked somehow, so he had these four half whiffle balls, which he thought were pretty cool. So he says to me: "Mom, I cracked both of my balls, and then--" And he was interrupted by his 6-year old sister who said, in exaggerated voice: " YOU DID? WOW, CENZO, THAT MUST HAVE HURT! " I laughed for at least five miles of freeway. * * *

Too Cool For School

* * *

The Ability to Make Me Laugh

Tonight I was helping Samuel review definitions for his vocabulary test, and we came to the word flexible. He got the general sense of the word and I could tell he understood it, but his answer was a little vague; I've been trying work with him to be very specific in his definitions. (If you write "a base" for the word foundation , how is your teacher going to know you mean a base on which something rests and not a base on a baseball field?) He was saying things like "able to move and stuff" and "able to reach things" and "able to be good at moving..." Not so accurate. So I was sort of trying to prompt him and coax him to use the word 'bend' in his answer. He stumbled on to it, and in the middle of making dinner and feeding the dog and pouring myself a glass of wine, I sort of lost my ability to speak. So in order to encourage him and tell him he was right, I touched my nose and pointed at him a few times in succession. He l

Major Dilemma

I am philosophically opposed to "Spring Pictures." OK, that might be a little strong, but for a family of seven people that watches its few pennies, it burns my backside how many times we are enticed to buy, buy, buy. Spring School Pictures seem to me to be one of those times. When I was a kid, we got one set of school pictures each year. And as a mom, I really love getting these pictures each year of my kids. But isn't one enough? Isn't more than that just another way for the picture companies to reach into our pocketbooks? The second set of pics irritate me. The kids get to wear "free dress" for these, so they aren't formal uniform shots, and they look, admittedly, more fun than the Fall pictures. The cynic in me knows that this is just a ploy to separate me from my cash. Every year, my kids beg me to buy Spring pictures. Every year, I decline. They get mad. I stand firm. They get madder. I stand firmer. It's a dance that has work

Black Pants, Striped Shirt

I have been meaning to write about our Easter Sunday for awhile now. It was a big day. A good day for many hours, but a day that took some wild turns and tumbles. I've been meaning to write about it, but haven't. It was such an intense day and I've had trouble capturing the depth and breadth of the intensity. Until now, I have given up. But the story won't stop rappin' on me brain, so I suppose I'll just try to tell it. We went to a local regional park on Easter Sunday. It was a beautiful day. . .we brought bounteous good food from Trader Joe's. . .the weather was perfect and the kids went swimming in the lake. . .we loved every minute of it. Until the part where I got the hair brained idea to take ALL FIVE KIDS for a walk around Lake Anza. Give the hubby a break, I thought. Let him stay back at the beach and "chill," I thought. Such a dumb idea. The walk around the lake was much more treacherous than I had remembered. Small girls

One Very Good Mother

I live in the Bay Area, minutes from Oakland. I am so sorry I never heard of the beautiful Mother Wright before her passing. I read about her life and death on SFGate this morning, and thought it was a beautiful start to my own Mother's Day weekend. Plus, this lady had TWELVE children. Truly amazing. Read . * * *

4-year old Blog Fodder

"Why did God invent port-a-potties? Because they stink!" (As in, why would He invent something smelly.) Her: "I miss Grandpa Richard! You know why?" Me: "Why sweetie?" Her: "Because he died !" "Mom, that is amazing! That is amazing! Wow! I love it!" This was her response to the car making different sounds on different types of pavement along I-80. All of this in one little car ride. Keeping up with her is a full time job, with a great benefits package. * * *

Can I Have a Nightmare, Please?

10-year old son: " Mom, sometimes I think that good dreams are actually bad, and nightmares are actually good. " Me: " Really? Why is that? " Son: " Because when I have a good dream, I have to wake up and it turns out not to be real, but when I have a bad dream, I wake up and it also turns out not to be real and that's a good thing. " Bring on the nightmares! * * *