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7 Quick Takes: Volume 45

~1~ This week marked the birthday of Dorothy Day , one of my personal heroes and saints.  So this first take is devoted to her.  She said: The greatest challenge of the day is:  how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution  which has to start with each one of us? In the midst of the Occupy movements happening all over the country, this question is more relevant than ever. I have two books to recommend in honor of Dorothy's birthday.  The first is hers, The Long Loneliness , a wonderful, spiritually uplifting book about her conversion, her life and her work.  The second is the book The Life You Save May Be Your Own: An American Pilgrimage , by Paul Elie.  Described by its publisher as " the story of four modern American Catholics who made literature out of their search for God ," this engaging book weaves together the biographies of Dorothy Day, Flannery O'Connor, Walker Percy, and Thomas Merton.  I received this book as a gift years ago,

7 Quick Takes: Volume 44

I don't care if Monday's blue • Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too • Thursday I don't care about you  • It's Friday, I'm in love . And it's Friday, I'm writing Quick Takes. ~1~ Time to say goodbye to our 2011 Birthday Season!  Every Fall, we have 4 kid birthdays in 6 week.  The last one was a few weeks ago, but the party is officially tonight.  I am hosting four little girl guests for a sleepover.  There will be pizza.  There will be face painting.  There will be movie watching.  There will be cake. There will be a tired mommy at the end. Hopefully, there will be a happy 7 year old at the end, too. And thus endeth the AIRY5 2011 birthdays.  If I start planning now, maybe the 2012 birthday season will go a bit more smoothly. ~2~ And this great advice letter made the rounds on Facebook this week; I've seen it before (it's been around since 2007), maybe you have too, but certainly, it's worth another read or two or ten. Tha

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I received an email this morning that started out like this: Dear Friend of The Writer’s Almanac, We’re writing because we need your help to support The Writer’s Almanac digital content, such as our daily e-mail newsletter, podcasts and extensive audio archive. You can listen to The Almanac in the time it takes you to drink one cup of coffee or make one sandwich. Its purpose has been to make five minutes beautiful and memorable. That's all it took.  I clicked through.  I gave some money.  Because The Writer's Almanac does make five minutes of my morning memorable and beautiful.  Not that I get to listen everyday.  In fact, I listen maybe 50% of the time, and 50% of that time, my kitchen is too loud for me to really hear anything. BUT!  I still love it, and when a little gem of information or poetry breaks through the cacophony, my day is enriched.  If you are so inclined, join me.   Click here  and give. Poetry, history, anecdotes, and Garrison Keillor's