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I resemble that remark.

Not actually from my phone.  But not entirely out of the realm of possibility either. * * *

More Colbert to Love

Joy.  This brings me pure joy. * * *

My New Daily Challenge: Join Me!

Remember that time in your life when there was always enough time to start a new habit...tomorrow? Remember when all things seemed possible and doable and even guaranteed to happen? Remember when you were young and your whole life was ahead of you? Well, the whole rest of my life is still ahead of me, but I'm not getting any younger, and the time to start a new habit is pretty much in the NOW! DON'T PUT ANYTHING OFF category. In that vein, and in the spirit of starting small and manageable, I recently joined an online Daily Health Challenge group.  Each day, I receive an email with a very small and simple "challenge," something to do that is related to overall health and well-being but that does not require much in the way of time or energy. It's awesome. I like it because doing these daily challenges is my small (I keep using that word!) way of turning this boat around, of starting a slow and perhaps arduous process of training myself to be health

Words To Live By

* * *

Why My House Is Such a Mess

Saw this on Facebook this morning, posted by Blick Art: I live with a whole bunch of creative types.  It's super annoying.  But then, I get to live with things like this too... on balance, I'd say I'm ahead of the curve, even if the curve is cluttered with markers and paper and beads and paint and feathers and pencil shavings and scraps and piles and lots and lots of people. It's all perspective, baby. * * *

An Eye Towards the Future

When you're six and you're the youngest in the family, you end up listening to all kinds of interesting family interactions.  Everyone else might think you're just sitting there oblivious, playing with your animal figures and singing One Direction songs to yourself. But no.  You are listening.  And paying attention.  And processing information about the future. In the last 24 hours, my six year old has been hanging out in the background of many a tense conversation between the parents of this house and one of our teenagers. Her observation this morning: "Mom, I tell ya', I am NOT looking forward to my teenage years." * * * You and me both, sister. * * *

Forget It

I meant to do my homework: I just forgot! I didn't mean to not do the dishes: I forgot! I forgot to take my clothes off the bathroom floor, I forgot to take the dog for a walk, I forgot to tell dad that you called, I forgot to talk to my teacher about my grade, I forgot to get my laundry ready for you, I forgot my house key, I forgot my cell phone, I forgot my soccer ball, I forgot my own freakin' name. I did not, however, forget to eat an entire package of girl scout cookies: which reminds me, you need to add $4 to Lola's payment envelope.  I didn't forget to tell you that , did I? "I forgot" is quickly becoming my most despised phrase of all time. * * * Today, in the van, a tussle was brewing.  Teenager was thrashing about in indignation because I was holding his feet to the fire on an assignment he had forgotten to hand in.  This, with some predictability, led to a general thrashing about over grave issues of injustice like: "You always thi

All You Need Is...


For Those of You Who Have Children and Don't Know It...

A friend sent me these hilarious Church Bulletin Bloopers tonight, and after laughing so hard I couldn't breathe for several minutes, I had to wonder if these are real or if some clever person made them up. I can absolutely believe that these typos could happen in real life: I once proofread some copy that was supposed to say Public Policy Training , and completely overlooked the fact that the first word was missing a 'L,' so I have some first hand experience with outrageous misprints. And I have to say, I don't really care if each of these is from real life or not; when something makes me laugh this hard, I just say THANK YOU.  And then I share.  So even though I'm sure this is receiving wide circulation via email and on social networks, I happily offer it to you as well. CHURCH BULLETIN BLOOPERS AND TYPOS   --------------------------

Clue #1 That I Have A Problem

Sadly, I must admit, I am one of those pathetic people who is tethered to her smart phone. I obsessively check email (two accounts), Facebook (1 personal account, 3 pages), blog stats, news feeds, etc.  I even play my Scrabble app too late into the night.  Leaving the phone alone while driving is a struggle.  Sometimes, (and this is so embarrassing), my hand aches from holding the phone too much. It's not something I am proud of, and I am trying hard to break some bad habits when it comes to my destructive relationship with this powerful and useful--and necessary--technology. But here's how I really knew I had a problem: Bold nowhere else in his life, Henry was bold in this: no matter what the coach said, or what his eyebrows expressed, he would jog out to shortstop, pop his fist into Zero's pocket, and wait.  If the coach shouted at him to go to second base, or right field, or home to his mommy, he would keep standing there, blinking and dumb, popping his fist.  Fi

Exhibit A: How Strong I Am

Motherhood requires superhuman strength. Nowhere is this more apparent than when she must resist the urge to say "I told you so!" Seriously, I think I'm going to hurt myself in this effort. If I don't post in a few days time, it means I've collapsed in exhaustion.  Send reinforcements. * * *