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A Conversation with My Daily Affirmer

Her:      Hi there! You’re doing great! Me:       Whatever. Why are you here? Her:      Because you need me! Also, because you are wonderful! Me:       Whatever. Will you be staying long? Her:      Oh, I think so. Or, for as long as you need me. Me:       Cool. Well, then, you should know that I don’t need you. You are free to go. Her:      Wow, you are so strong. That’s great. So glad to hear it. So then, is she leaving too? Me:       Who? What are you talking about? Her:      That chick over there with the storm cloud over her head and the scowl on her face. Is she staying? Cuz, if she’s staying, I’m staying. I love a party. Me:       Her? I hardly even notice her. Don’t stay on her account. Her:      Wow, how can you NOT notice her? I mean, she’s actually growling at you. Me:       Look, I didn’t invite you here, I don’t even know how you got here.     Her:      [ playfully ] Oh, so you invited her then, did you? Me:       What? No! She’s just…she’s always been here. At least as

If You Stick It on the Dining Room Table, They Will Use It

Not quite as lyrical as If You Build It, They Will Come , but just as true and wonderful! * * * Have you seen my dining room table? (You know, like, before COVID...) It is quite a sight.  A good percentage of it is covered with paint, marker, glitter, colored pencil, hot glue, and more.  Since COVID, graffiti has also popped up, including "Tallulah Likes Cake" in black sharpie.  We rarely enjoy an actual dinner or any other meal on this table, because it's typically full of art and projects of all kinds.  From where I sit in the next room, I spy a large mirror frame that needs to be fixed, a half-finished clay fairy world, and several rocks in various stages of being painted. I have often yearned for a dining room table at which I and my family actually dine. It is a yearning, in part, for normalcy, a wish for something that feels like what "normal families" have and do. But of course, we should always be careful what we wish for, and today I was reminded of thi