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Broken Down Basket

Today's post is courtesy of Literary Mama, who posted the following prompt on their Facebook page this morning: Free write about something that is special to you and no one else. Funny that as I was showering and dressing and getting my coffee, as I mulled over what I might write about, the prompt changed in my mind to: write about something you and only you care about. So naturally, I thought of my laundry room floor.  Nowhere else am I more apt to be found muttering: " No one cares.  No one cares.  Only me.  I'm the ONLY person who cares about this floor !" At certain points along the tidal wave, I'm not so much muttering as I am growling at the nearest child, or ranting at the nearest teenager, or silently, violently, grabbing clothes and towels and socks and sheets from the floor and jamming them into "clean" baskets.  Clearly: no one cares about the laundry room floor except for me. Coffee in hand, I sit to write.  I look at the prompt aga