Let's See...

...so here's what I've got today:

  • Cramps. Big and bad.
  • A head cold.
  • Not enough sleep, after going to bed at 1:30am.
  • Two kids with nasty head colds.
  • A body that is aching both from PMS and from tripping over a hula hoop and slamming down onto a slab of flagstone the other day.

Wow. Even I'm impressed by that list. If there were ever a day to be sequestered, this is it.

Failing that, and in an attempt to ignore everything that could have me weeping in a corner this morning, I will here list an equal number of things I am grateful for.

  • The Monarch team families. I love the families of my 8 year old daughter's soccer/futsal team. We all watched them get their butts handed to them on a silver platter last night...but the other parents make every game a playdate for me.
  • My husband and his flexible work schedule, because he will be taking the three healthy children to their dentist appointments this morning, relieving my crampy, snotty self from having to do it with two crabby, snotty young ones in tow.
  • My own dear mother, who is celebrating her birthday today. Mom, happy happy birthday to you and thank you for still taking care of me so well. You help me and us in a thousand ways, and I can't imagine raising this brood without you.
  • Steel cut oatmeal, with applesauce and almond slices mixed in, and Irish breakfast tea with just the right amount of milk and sugar.
  • Reading out loud to my kids, getting to the end of a chapter, and hearing "One more chapter, mom! Please just one more!" (They got three more out of me that way last night.)

I can't crawl back into bed this morning, so I'll just keep returning to this list -- and hopefully adding to it -- to get me through the day.

* * *


Kate Hall said…
i'm glad you've got a working list... sometimes its the best thing to do on the crap days. i'm glad for good reading, thats almost the extent of my list today... but I"M GLAD!!!! (read: slightly hysterical)
nicole said…
you could get back into ed and tell your kids to homeschool themselves and just see what happens...it would make for a terrific blog post!
Teacher Mommy said…
I haven't had cramps and, you know, other stuff in years because of my beloved Mirena (you may hate me now). Last night I had a nightmare in which my period returned.

It was horrible.

My deepest sympathies go out to you in this, your time of suffering.
Kristin said…
Oh my goodness--what hardship and you still manage to put a positive light on your situation. Feel better soon.

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