Good News!

Ah, NPR! You have enriched my life beyond measure. You have expanded my horizons, Neal Conan; you have kindled my intellect, Michele Norris. You, Nina Totenberg, you have demystified the mighty Judicial Branch for me; and Ira Glass, your stories have touched my heart. (And yes, I am a member of local KQED, so do not call me. Peter Sagal, you can call me if you want.)

But Robert Siegel, you have outdone yourself this time. This past Monday on All Things Considered, you answered a prayer.

Here's an excerpt from an interview I heard on ATC between Mr. Siegel and Ralph Keyes, author of Euphemania: Our Love Affair with Euphemisms.
It's well-known that some people who suffer certain kinds of stroke lose their ability to speak, but they don't lose their ability to curse. And this has led linguistic researchers to conclude that swearing comes from a very primitive part of our brain and almost as not language at all.
This is good news, people. This means that my inability to control my use of certain colorful words is not actually my fault. Swearing, apparently, is so far deep into our primal being that it's not even language, and cannot be governed as such.

So basically, I can stop worrying about my cursing! This falls under the purview of my oft-repeated Serenity Prayer. This bit of knowledge falls under "The Wisdom to Know the Difference" umbrella and places swearing in the "Things I Cannot Control" column. Thank you Mr. Siegel, thank you Mr. Keyes, and thank you NPR for being an answer to my prayer and for sanctioning my use of the F-word.

Give yourself a treat and go listen to the story. In addition to that kernel about cursing, there are many delightful anecdotes about language and how we use it–always a fun topic for word geeks like me. Maybe you, too?

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Laurel said…
Oh, I agree, this is good news. I too have a very difficult time controlling my "colorful" language. I know that I'm breeding little sailors. But, of course, that means they have no control either.
So where is the study that legitimizes all the yelling I do. I NEED THAT NOW!!!!
Homemaker Man said…
This is f*cking great!
Kate Hall said…
HA!! i'd be choking on my bagel if I had one... HA!! thank you for spreading the good news.... seriously, i can let one guilty act go down the drains... hallelujah....
Teacher Mommy said…
WOOHOO!!!! Thank you. I feel much better about my potty mouth now.
Jackie said…
Haha, I like it. I believe a well-timed cuss word is sometimes just necessary. I read a study where they've shown that women's stress levels actually go down after swearing. It can be good for you too!

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