Evidence That I Am Ineffectual

I just told Little T to go in her room and find her pink stripped shorts to wear under her black velvet party dress: she's going to a 5-year old's birthday party and there will be jump-house jumping. Shorts are standard issue for little girls who try to reach the ceiling of the Jumpy House.

So how do I know she is ignoring me?

Because as I type I can hear her bed squeaking rapidly and repeatedly under the weight of her jumping up and down. She must be getting warmed up for the party.

Further evidence?

I just reminded her to find her shorts. Now I'm listening to the bed springs catapulting her up and down AND a harmonica she is blowing with abandon.

She knows how to have a good time, and it doesn't involve listening to mom in the least.

(Also? When she selected a filthy dress to wear today, and I said we would find something clean, she p-shawed me away with her hand and said: "Mom, just go with it.")

* * *

An unrelated photo that captures the attitude.


Momo Fali said…
I love that picture! You can see her free spirit shining through!
Teacher Mommy said…

Now just imagine her as a TEEN.

You're welcome.
Unknown said…
No waaay! I love that kid. She's too much!
Jackie said…
Haha, pretty sure that's why skorts were invented!
Sounds exactly like my almost five year old!
Kelly said…
I love that picture too. I think she and Lil would get along swimmingly.

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