And the castle, it is the best castle...

A little over a year ago, I wrote in this post about how a bedtime plan backfired on me. Thirteen months later, that same plan finally bore fruit!

Little T was tough to put to bed last night, crying and carrying on, and claiming she could only sleep cuddled next to me. I was trying to think of a nice way to keep her butt in her bed, or barring that, at least in her own room. Lady E saved me.

Tallulah, one time, I had a hard time going to sleep, and Mommy told me I could just make up stories right in my own mind! And I did, and the stories were about princesses and stuff, and I can help you do the same thing!

Exit Mommy, fist pumping the air.

Enter Mommy an hour later to find two sleeping girls and the following story on the pillow next to one of them:

We lived in a castle, a very big castle. We loved it.
It was very awesome and it was covered with

flowers. It had a very pretty garden, very
very beautiful. I loved the garden.

And the castle, it is the best castle I have ever seen.

I guess creativity past bedtime is OK after all.

* * *


Kristin said…
That is adorable. I love the connections that siblings have because of all the time they spend together (homeschooling). Maybe this isn't new, but it sure is special and it gave you a break. I liked your visual of your arm pumping the air. Right on Mama!
That makes my heart swell.

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