7 Quick Sick Takes: Volume 28

I'm sick. My Friday sucks. Hope yours is better.


It's much easier to be sick if everyone in the house has clean socks in their dresser drawers. Which we do not.


I remember when getting a cold slowed me down for like a day. It's hard to deny my advancing years when a simple cold takes me entirely out of the game for 3 days and cuts into my otherwise mad mothering skilz for another 2 or 3.


If you need to get more sleep, and you put it off for too many nights in a row, your own body will stage a mutiny and make it impossible for you to do anything except sleep, even to blow your own nose, for 24 hours. If you try to do anything else, like raise your head from your pillow, the resulting pain will squash you like a bug and make you weep like a baby.


My children are kind and compassionate when mommy is sick. They give me little kisses, rub my hot forehead with their nice cool (sometimes sticky) hands, they check in on me every so often to see if I'm OK. This lasts for about 20 minutes, at which time they pretty much want me better immediately so I can find stuff for them.


On the other hand, my kids live the good life when I am sick, because Daddy takes them out. They were gone for about 6 hours yesterday, and today they are off to see Gnomeo and Juliet. Maybe I should get sick more often! Or perhaps just fake it.


My nose is raw. TMI?

What comforts you most when you are sick? Please, everyone who reads this, leave a response in the comments. I'd like to post a list somewhere Rick will see it.

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nicole said…
hot showers, no kids in the house and cups of hot water and honey...oh and clean bedding on my bed.
Homemaker Man said…
Kids away. Cool air. Sleep.
Laurel said…
Definitely no kids, pjs and tea. The last time I was sick (over a year ago because it just isn't allowed in my house) I laid on the cool floor of the bathroom (puking) and cried while little kids climbed all over me. Not my finest hour. Next time I will make Rob call in for a sick day.
Note to self: Fake illness to get free time.

When I am legitimately sick, however, I like peace and quiet, miso soup, a warm blanket on the sofa, and really bad reality tv.

Well, I really like that even if I'm not sick so does it still count?
Teacher Mommy said…
Awwwww hon! I'm sorry.

Hot tea with lemon, lemon sorbet (the as-natural-as-possible kind--Haagen Dazs makes a great version), huddling under blankets on the couch with TV or books or just silence, Mrs. Grass's chicken noodle soup, and NO KIDS MAKING NOISE.

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