Blender Blunders


How I Know I Am Not Alone

Our afternoon snack today was a fruit smoothie, a favorite around here. Lola and I happily blended together OJ, yogurt, pineapple, bananas and blueberries. Frustratingly, I couldn't find the cover to the blender anywhere. No matter, I grabbed a small plate and put it over the top, and noisily blended away.

At a certain point, I decided the shake needed a little more pineapple, so I took the plate off, reached for the pineapple, and then watched in slow motion disbelief as my 10 year old stuck his finger out at that precise moment and pressed the 'on' button.

A fruit shake tsunami hit my kitchen. And my son. "Why on earth did you do that?" I gasped, incredulous. My spouse decided to pick that moment to channel me, in my sanctimonious moments: "Well I'm sure he didn't wake up this morning and decide he wanted to spray fruit shake all over the kitchen." Thanks for that bit of wisdom; in the future, when I want your input, I'll tell you what it is.

Anyway, the funny part comes later. While we were at Lola's futsal game this evening, I relayed the story to two other moms, both of whom also had blender mishaps with their kids within the past 24 hours. I found this to be amazing. Here I was, thinking inane things like "why doesn't my child have more sense than to turn on an open blender" and "how is he ever going to actually live somewhere on his own" and "does a sticky kitchen floor really mean that I am a loser?" when all the while, it turns out that children all over the place are making messes with blenders, even when they have really nice, normal parents who are raising functional, capable children! Who knew?

I've been surrounded by good news lately.

So go ahead, share a story of family ridiculousness with a friend. Chances are you'll find out what good company you are in.

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