Where I Improve Upon (sort of) Mother Teresa

It's been that kind of day.

Lots of pep talks (for myself), lots of cajoling (of others), lots of restarts (all of us) and lots of opportunities for forgiveness and mercy.  Which is really code for lots and lots of totally screwing up.  Yay.  Love that.

Family life requires such an amazing amount of do-overs.  How do we keep ourselves motivated for the endless monotonous tasks of domesticity?  How do we keep ourselves from falling prey to our weaknesses, our impatience, our desire for things to be easy?

Mother Teresa knew.  She knew exactly what was required.  "Do small things with great love."

Beautiful.  Simple.  True.  And perhaps not actually uttered by her.  OK, but definitely enfleshed by her.

And on days like today, I just have one minor revision.

"Do small things with great love.  And alcohol."

We aren't all saints like Mother.  But with a little help, we can try.

* * *



Viv said…
Monica, bless you. Honestly. I quite frankly resent every sock I've ever retrieved from under the bed or my sofa cushions. Period.
Bless you too, Viv!

And yeah, I know that feeling. The alcohol keeps sock resentment down to a pleasant simmer.

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