All the Proof I Need...

…to keep myself utterly confused.

Proof my kids are going to be just fine.

  1. My oldest selected comedy for us to listen to on Pandora tonight, on the long drive home from an away soccer game, and was as excited as I was when Who's On First came up.
  2. My other son scoured the movie closet for something to watch on Friday night, and ended up picking Some Like It Hot.
  3. My 9 year old daughter expressed dismay when I pulled boxed brownie mix out of the pantry today, to make for a potluck.  "Mom, you should have just had me make something from scratch."
  4. Santana came on the car radio the other day.  No one wanted to change the station.
  5. One of the biggest reasons they are looking forward to the holidays?  Our annual Christmas Eve viewing of It's A Wonderful Life.  

And just to keep me on my toes, proof that my work is not yet done.
  1. My 7-year old drank several shots of peach nectar today, out of an actual shot glass, and referred to it as her "peach whiskey."  She must get this from her father's side of the family.
  2. Last week, my 13 year old washed a kitchen full of dirty dishes…without using any dish soap at all.
  3. I tried unsuccessfully the other evening to convince one of my sons not to wear filthy pants and a ripped shirt to his Confirmation retreat.  I fear being known by the adult leaders as "that mom."
  4. Their bedrooms.  Nothing good can come from rooms like that.  I lie awake at night obsessed with their bedrooms.  And with my failure to get them to be neater, more civilized people.
  5. One of my kids unpacked her overnight bag this past Thursday, and put all her stuff away, including her toothbrush.  Five days after she got home.

If this trajectory continues, my children will become total slacker adults who have great taste.  I might be OK with that.  

* * *


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