Today's Silver Lining

Don't want to fail NaBloPoMo on Day #5, but this is all I have the time and energy for today.

After staying up all night with a barfing 7 year old, after cleaning an ungodly mess in her bedroom at midnight last night, after waging a bleach battle against germs at 2am, after soothing a tiny person who doesn't understand why things are catapulting out of her with such force and violence…

…there is one small thing for which I am thankful.

I am thankful that last night was one of the very, very rare evenings when I overcame my lazy-hair-doing ways, and braided my little minion's long, wild, curly mane.

The braid made the midnight clean up -- and all of the subsequent clean ups -- a kajillion times easier.

* * *

And that, folks, is all I got.

* * *


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