A Morning Bouquet

I took my dog for a walk this morning.  The sky was bright and clear, the air brisk and warm at the same time.  By all accounts, it was a glorious time to be outside with a good and loyal dog.  I gathered a photo bouquet:

Sounds lovely, doesn't it?

Well, it was.  But it was also a little wonky.  My good and loyal dog is terrible on leash, so who was walking whom was very much a question.  It was more of a frenzied jitterbug than anything else.  My joints hurt by about half way down our block.  She had a fabulous time, investigating, with vigor, every interesting plant, pile, leaf, person, car, canine or random ball we encountered.  I bounced along behind the leash, arm outstretched, teeth rattling around in my head, vowing again to get some obedience lessons scheduled.

Ever walk by tree or a pole with a dog?  Why do they always go the opposite way around than we do?  WHY?

So yes, I took some pretty pictures on my "relaxing" morning walk.  While negotiating a 75 pound black lab who was jumping out of her skin with excitement and while delicately carrying a plastic bag of dog poop, which nearly hit me in the head during a couple of spin-arounds I had to do to avoid tripping over the leash.

Also, have you ever tried focusing an iPhone camera with one hand while being yanked hither and non by the leash in your other hand?  It's almost a contact sport.

A 20 minute walk, and I'm exhausted.  At least I have some pretty pictures to look at while I recover.

* * *


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