Warning: Dr. Suess Ahead

The kids were out with Rick this weekend, and they saw an ad for The Lorax splayed across the broadside of a city bus.  The ensuing conversation:

Kid #1: "Dad, can you believe that?  The Lorax is rated PG?"

Kid #2:"What?  How can a Dr. Suess movie be NOT GOOD for little kids?"

Kids in general:  "WHAT?  THAT'S CRAZY?  Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, what's wrong with The Lorax?  Why? WHY DAD?????

Dad: "I don't know."

Kid #2: "What is there, Inappropriate Rhyming?"

* * *

After all, everyone knows that rhyming, in the wrong hands, can be dangerous.  That's why I don't let my kids read or write poetry until they are old enough to date.  Or at least old enough to clean the kitchen without my having to call them back 5 times to finish the job correctly.

Actually, maybe that will help me determine if the kids can go see The Lorax: if you're old enough to empty the kitchen drainer-catchy-thingee, you can see the movie.

* * *


momto8 said…
PG? that sounds crazy..it seems the standards are pretty loose theses days..some of the PG 13 movies seem way more adult themed than 13!!
I am your newer follower..pls follow back if you can.

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