Yay for Pink Eye

A text conversation excerpt.

* * *

7:45 am

I just had to totally restrain myself from yelling at 
Jimmy.  He's a nightmare in the morning in terms 
of getting out of the house.

Breath mama breathe.

You are zen mama.  Nothing can penetrate 
the peace and calm that is you.

Not even Jimmy getting out of the 
house in the morning.

8:46 am

It was when he started cleaning dog shit out 
of his shoe over the floor that I just about exploded.

Ok.  Dog shit can penetrate the 
peace.  You get a pass on that one.

Thank you.

12:51 pm

F***ing pink eye!

Ugh. I once had it with all 3 kids at 
the same time.  It's such a drag.

And gross.

I wouldn't have procreated if I'd 
known about pink eye.

That and pushing kids on swings.  
Hate that too.

1:00 pm

Pushing the swings makes me nauseous.

You mean nauseated.  Otherwise, you 
are the cause of the nausea.


You sound like your spouse.


When you get out of school for pink eye:

This is what you get.

1:56 pm

Yay for pink eye!

* * *

Yay for texting with Mamas!

* * *


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