My Plan vs. My Family's Plans

My plan: spend the afternoon organizing and setting up a workable desk space for myself.

Their plans:

Mom, can you give me a high pony?
Can we make my habitat model now?
Will you teach me how to ride my bike?
Honey, will you print these documents for me?
Mom, I'm hungry!
Mom, c'mere! I want to show you this app, and my new fort.
Mom, where do I put all this stuff from cleaning out the car?
Mom, I left my script at Janet's!  We have to get it!

And wouldn't you know it, the one kid who needs to do his homework is flying under the radar, staying conveniently out of sight, perfectly happy that five other people are occupying my attention.

* * *

I don't think that desk thing is going to happen for me today.

I'm not sure it will happen ever.

* * *


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