Today's Burning Issue

What to do with the fruit?

I have a small kitchen and many children.  I also have a fruit problem.

Because of the many children, I usually have lots of fruit on hand, especially bananas.  Often, we go through all that fruit quickly.  Right now, my method of storing fruit is to stick it all in bowls on my counter, usually one or two, sometimes three medium to large bowls.  They take up lots of space on my counter.

I bought one of those metal wicker hanging baskets once and had it clanging around in the kitchen for a few months before I had to confront the fact that there really is no good place to hang it.  All of the possible places are either too close to a bright window (sun and heat: no good for fruit) or too close to a traffic lane.  That was a bummer.  For me anyway, but not for some lucky Goodwill shopper.

So what do I do with all the fruit?  It takes up space, sometimes goes bad, and generally looks cluttered sitting there on my counter.  When we are out of fruit, which is rare, I like my kitchen much better than when we are stocked.

Is there a creative solution?  Or should I just start feeding the kids canned and frozen fruit so I can have my counter space back?

* * *

Aren't my burning issues compelling?  Tune in tomorrow when I discuss What To Do With All The Coats!

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Kate Hall said…
Allin one big bowl in the middle of the table, grab if you're fast enough... at least thats the rule over here...keeps the counters 'fairly' clean and makes me all martha-y by giving me a centerpiece...
WFE: I like it! but...I have a kitchen table and a dining room table, and both of them are usually chock full of STUFF, leaving no room for a martha-y centerpiece. Just like with almost every other issue around here, it seems like my fruit problem is connected in a domino-like fashion to many other organizational challenges. order to solve the fruit problem, I'm going to need an entire home-makeover. :)
Kate Hall said…
GO! and, paint while you're at it... by the time you are all set to display fruit in a beautiful, come hither fashion, the kids will be gone and the bowl will have just one apple in it... and you'll have to eat it... :)
wow. i may have just thrilled myself with that picture... :) heh.

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