Things Change

It's garbage day here at Casa Airy5.  That used to mean mayhem.  But children get older, and garbage day doesn't signal delirium around here anymore.

* * *

Every morning, I get up before the kidlets and sit on the couch strategizing about how I'm going to survive the day.  It's a golden quiet time for me.  Little T is always the first one to get up, and as soon as she does, my solitude endeth.  She demands cuddling, breakfast, attention, conversation.

But children get older.

This morning, I heard the tell tale thuds on the stairs as a sleepy Little T made her way to the living room. I prepared for the end of solitude with my usual dismay.  But did she immediately smash up right next to me and begin making demands?  No.  She did this:

And my heart did sing.

Things change.


* * *


Kristin said…
Looks like we've got something in common--our background for our blog! Were you born in the 60s too? Love your header! Beautiful children you have.
I like this. Can little T send my kids the memo?

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