7 Quick Takes: Volume 48, The "Thank You, Jesus!" Edition

Today's quick takes are brought to you by the Mad Dash Dance.  On the way to school this morning I needed to make sure we (my kids and I) had the following seven items:


One completed 4th Grade Mission project.  Did you know that the Mission San Antonio de Padua was the location of the very first Catholic wedding in California?  Or that it was the first Alta California mission to use fired tiles on its roof?  Or that this mission was particularly known for beautiful music?

I knew all that!  Thanks to my 4th grader, anyway.


One signed 7th Grade homework tally sheet.  Oh, and one 7th Grader, who has been home sick for two days, so it wasn't quite the slam dunk you'd think it would be not to leave him behind.


A small baggie with 6 homemade chocolate chip cookies in it, for the 2nd Grader to give to her teacher and the teacher's aide.  Because we made cookies last night, and Lady E wanted to share.  ♥


Art pieces for the 6th Grader to put up in his classroom.  Open House is this weekend, and since we haven't been back at school for very long, my kids don't have as many projects to display as their classmates.  So my son's 6th grade teacher told him he could bring in some of his art from home.  Here's one of the pieces we brought.


My computer, so I could squirrel away in a cafe and do some work while waiting for the kids Noontime Dismissal.  With my errands and such, it doesn't make much sense to go back home for a half day, so I had to make sure I had everything I needed to maximize my productivity while sipping a latte at Peets.  Hmmmm.  Maybe putting the kids back in school has some perks I hadn't figured on.  :)


One application to the Oakland School for the Arts, due today.  


And the one thing I didn't leave the house with: something that starts with the letter 'J'.  

Image Credit: http://www.printfection.com/shop/alphabet

Friday is Sharing Day in Kindergarten, which isn't quite a habit for us yet.    So of course, it occurs to me just as we enter the classroom. And there are all the other Kindergardeners, walking in with their seemingly unharried mothers, happily clutching their J items and snickering into their red school sweatshirts about Little T's scatter-brained mommy.   I swear, they were snickering.  Meanies.

Meanwhile, I'm helping the 4th grader schlep a two-part mission, while also carrying two large art projects, Little T's backpack, two Kindergarten readers that somehow came out of the backpack, and an errant sweatshirt, and I'm thinking to myself: "I remembered every other damn thing we needed, so why do I feel like such a loser for not having made sure Little T would have something to share?"  I told my daughter that when it was her turn to share, she could say:  "I brought Just Me."  


I ran down to my car and started tossing things all over the place looking for the letter J.  An old wooden sandal...some stamps (oooo -- I needed stamps for those pesky bills I have to mail today! Score!)...dried up markers...an empty Rubio's cup...books, books, books...lots of drawing paper covered with very skinny girls with very large heads and Anime eyes...does any of this start with J???  And then I saw it, stuffed in the bottom of a dingy yellow bin, sitting in a little nest of crumbs and discarded wrappers: a very beat up Baby's Bible, with the spine weakly taped up with ineffectual scotch tape.  Bingo!  A book about JESUS!  We have our J item!  

I ran back up the stairs and into the Kinder class.  Breathlessly, I knelt down next to Little T and said:  "Here's your J item to share, honey!  It's a book about Jesus, and Jesus starts with J!"  She smiled a big wide grin, nodded her head vigorously, and said: "Oh!  Cool!"


* * *

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And I hope you have a jovial, jazzy, jocund, jaunty Friday!  May you be neither jaded nor jinxed nor jittery!


Just Me


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