We bought another fire-bellied toad today. (We've sort of lost a couple in the past...but we've reformed our weak terrarium-covering ways and that won't be happening anymore.) Anyway, this isn't about the toad, whose name, for now, is Bob. This is about fuel.

On the way to the East Bay Vivarium, I noticed I was perilously close to running out of gas. Cenzo asked me what happens to the gas to make it go away. I sort of stumbled through an answer until I hit upon an analogy I knew he would relate to. He loves to make fires in our outdoor firepit, so I told him it's like adding wood to a fire; eventually, you need to add more fuel to the fire because it burns up. The same thing happens with car fuel; the engine burns it up.

To sum up, I said: "So it's fuel. Just like you have to add more wood to a fire, you have to add more gasoline to a car."

And my cute little 8 year old carnivore piped up: "Just like you have to add more steak to my plate!" She's consistent!

* * *

Shhhhhhh! Don't look now, but I'm home alone. Two kids are at the park with the dog (sweet Jesus, they are finally old enough to do this on their own); two kids are next door bugging the neighbor; one kid is at a soccer field with dad having some one-on-one time. I cannot plan for these moments; they drop like manna from heaven. I estimate I have exactly 2.34 minutes of peace and quiet. I'm pouring a glass of wine with one hand and typing with the other. Score!

* * *


nicole said…
wait...didn't you get time to yourself yesterday too...that's your allotment for this year!
If I had know you were buying another frog I would have just given you ours...next time just let me know.
typewriter for toad it is a fair trade and I owe you still.
Teacher Mommy said…

See, I went about this whole large family thing, well, um, wisely (?). I conveniently arranged for there to be two Exes so that they could take the children part of the time.

This is how you get time off.

Of course, there is the catch: you also have to deal with the Exes on a regular basis.

Aren't you jealous?
Viv said…
Home alone? I leave Bloggy Land for a little bit, and you turn into a lady of luxury as soon as I blink? Humph! j/k Good for you!!!
Kristin said…
We'll be heading over to the Vivarium a lot now since we just fostered a snake and it will need mice to eat.

I'm glad you had a respite, even if it was brief one. You can make them happen now and then you know, especially if you have "an appointment," --an official time to do whatever.
TM: so...get divorced and then get together with someone who is also divorced and has kids? I just might consider it! :)

VIV! Don't worry, it lasted less that 2.34 minutes. And WELCOME BACK TO BLOGGY LAND. Can't wait to catch up...

Kristen; The Vivarium is so great: a favorite spot for us. And I get respites fairly regularly...never often enough, of course! And yes, I've made use of having "an appointment!" :)

Do people really come back and read these follow up comments? I never know whether to reply in a private email or right here in the comments...
kerri said…
Vivarium = science field trip for all involved.

I had a moment of alone time at home last weekend...I found it was too quiet to even take a nap. lame!

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