7 Quick Takes: Volume 18

Can I get a Friday, please? Why thank you!

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~ 1 ~

As posted earlier, we lost a frog this week. This is a mystery. The cover of the terrarium did have a rip in it, but we put a book over the ripped part for a temporary fix, and later some duct tape over the same rip, also temporary. The cover itself was not moved from the position it was left in the night before. Nothing else seemed amiss. But Bella was gone.

Fire-bellied toads are not expensive. After several hours of looking for her, and then facing the fact that she could not have survived so long without water, we hit the local Vivarium and brought home another one. My son christened him "Rice." (The other frog he has is named "Beans," a tribute to the beloved frog pet in Cheaper by the Dozen.)

The sun set on a half-happy, half-mourning 10 year old. Rice proved to be just the ticket to mend a broken heart.

~ 2 ~

Fast forward to the next day. Rice is missing. I kid you not, we have now lost two frogs in two days. We discovered the loss when Dad took the cover off the terrarium to re-cover it in new wire mesh. He placed the 10 year old on guard over the terrarium while he had the cover in the garage. While keeping a watchful eye on the inside of the tank, the boy cried out: "RICE IS GONE!" More searching. More panic. More sadness.

Needless to say, I feel like a most irresponsible pet owner: TWO animals in TWO days? Lost! Neglected! Abandoned!

So. Do we go ahead and get another one? Do we deserve it? Am I sending the right message to my son, that little lives are easily replaced at $7.50 a pop?

The cover is all kinds of secure now, but still...

~ 3 ~

So to recap, somewhere in this house are the sad little remains of TWO fire-bellied toads. Add to that tableaux the following: in the past week, my daughter spilled an entire bag of tortilla chips in my entryway. My other daughter dropped a glass mason jar of homemade applesauce on our front walk. Both of my sons stepped in dog poop in their bare feet (on different days). Yesterday, my four year-old poured orange juice all over the counter while aiming for a cup. Many sheets have been peed upon. While traveling my hardwood floors, I've stepped on legos and sand and pools of water; at least I hope it was water. It was probably water, since we left shallow bowls of water in every room of the house in a vain attempt to catch wayward frogs. We have dog hair in our new modeling clay. There are ants...everywhere. I just discovered a lake of Irish breakfast tea, with milk and sugar, filling up the reservoirs on my old wooden cutting board. Life is messy.

Wanna come over?

~ 4 ~

Delightful homeschooling activity: Reading aloud. When I finish this post, I'm off to read to the kids from Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, by Roald Dahl. We've done some reading aloud in the past, but much more now that we are homeschooling. One of the best things reading aloud does for me is to make me slow down. There is no way to read out loud quickly. Well, I suppose you can, but you ruin the story if you do that.

Time slows down, children grow magically quiet as they listen, good stories fill the air. So today's recommended reading is: Anything read aloud.

~ 5 ~

My son just told me: "Man, parents these days worry way too much about the things their kids do."

I'll be adding that to my list of Things To Remind My Kids About When They Become Parents.

~ 6 ~

It's that time of year again, when I vow to do the Holidays right, avoid stress, celebrate Advent, keep things in perspective, spend wisely, and resist the prevailing consumerist culture.

Without fail, I fail.

I always get overwhelmed and stressed out.

I take it as a sign of hope that I stand here before you, on the brink of the Holiday season, and vow once more to Fight the Good Fight.

How do you maintain sanity during the holidays?

~ 7 ~

Halloween has come and gone, and I didn't even manage to get pictures of everyone in their costumes. As usual, we've had a candy-filled week, some of it acquired legitimately, much of it pilfered behind my back. Halloween always reminds me of the greatest candy-sneaker of them all, Lady E. So for my 7th Quick Take, I am posting two links from Halloween 2007; these stories make us laugh every time we tell them. Enjoy!

* * *


Teacher Mommy said…
Sanity? HA!

Actually, I'm looking forward to the holidays, as I get to spend them with people I love. Truly love. It makes a difference. Though there are a hell of a lot more kids to get presents for..............

And thank you for mentioning Dahl! I've been trying to decide on a longer book that might appeal to me AND my little ones (and perhaps the 12-year-old) for some occasional reading aloud, and I'd forgotten about Dahl. And I actually own quite a few of the books!

Kristin said…
Sorry to hear about your loss of 2 lost toads. What could've happened to Beans and Rice could be the basis of a dictated mystery--only if it helps--not hinders the loss.

The incidents in your quick take #3 are so bad they're comical. Could anything more go wrong? A final bird poop on the head perhaps?

Our solution this year for Christmas is to leave the country. We'll be here for Christmas day, but I've warned the kids that they're only getting one present and a stocking (I've got to stick to that!), because the trip is their main present. They all nod in understanding, but we'll see what happens...

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