What's Her Secret?

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to ask the questions that lurk in the corner recesses of my mind, to face the things I wonder about. So here's one:

My kitchen windows face my neighbor's kitchen window, the one right over her sink. She has a young family, like me; she's got four kids, and is a stay at home mom. So can someone please tell me why I never see her standing at her sink? Or why her kitchen light is never on? How is it that she spends so little time in the kitchen? I am always in mine. Sometimes, like now, I'm sitting at the kitchen table surfing the web and blogging, but my lights are on and I'm moving around, making coffee, cleaning up messes left behind from last night, planning for another 21 plates full of food (today's three squares for 7 family members), and her kitchen? Dark and quiet, as usual.

What is up with that?

* * *

Happy New Year everyone! May we all find answers to life's tough questions this year.


Teacher Mommy said…
Maybe she's entirely given up on all things Kitchen and feeds her children on beans straight from the tin on slices of Wonderbread.

Or maybe she's actually a witch or fairy and can do everything just by twitching her nose.
nicole said…
maybe she is wondering why you are always in your kitchen!!!
Nicole, how would she know? She's never at her window! :)

And Teacher Mommy, if she is a fairy, or a witch, then she's the kind that swears like a Spanish-speaking truck driver, bc the other thing about living so close to her house is that I can hear her yell at her kids. And vice versa, I suppose. My yelling isn't nearly as curse-laden as hers.
Homemaker Man said…
Spooky. Apparently she feeds them on a steady diet of discipline and epithets.

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