I Am Blessed

I am blessed.

I have five beautiful children, all of whom are wicked smart, kind, and funny. I have a dining room table that is mostly clear of clutter. It is a clear, cold day, but the heater is turning the house cozy. My husband made me coffee, which is gently and deliciously bringing me into my day. I have big plans for a wonderful day of reading with the kids and delighting in the fact that we need not leave the house.

But give it time. Those five wicked funny kids are all still asleep.

In another two hours, I'll be writing another post entitled "I Am Cursed," about my chaotic house, my unruly children, my failure as a parent, and the general decline of Western Civilization.

It's an exciting life I lead, teetering as I do between abject despair and soaring gratitude. I changed the kids photo on my home page, and I think the new caption says it all: my family -- my life -- makes me dizzy.

For now, I am peaceful. I'm off to shower, so that at least I will be nice and clean when I turn into a raving lunatic later on today.

* * *


nicole said…
i think you are super fabulous and teetering on the edge is what make parenting so much fun!
Homemaker Man said…
Blessed you are. Very.

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