Oh, They Crack Me Up

Kids do.

Today, the kids got their class pictures. These are different from when I was a kid. Gone are the days of lining up 30 squirmy kids on makeshift bleachers and trying to keep the kid third from the end from picking his nose during the shoot. Now the photographer takes the individual shots of each kid and the class picture consists of an 8.5 x 11 sheet with the individual pictures of each student, the teachers, and the principal. The children are arranged alphabetically, except that the one your child comes home with features your child larger than all the rest, front and center.

My daughter was showing another mom the class picture and said: "I'm the huge one." Yup, she thought all of her classmates got a HUGE picture of her, surrounded by little ones of everyone else. That child has zilch-o self-esteem issues. She's got self-esteem to spare. She's got loads of extra self-esteem just laying around in her bedroom, going to waste in a world filled with people who could surely use some. She thinks so highly of herself that even at knee high to a grasshopper, she seems to gaze down at the rest of us.

* * *

And today starts the Santa Sale at school, which has provided me with a blog post in the past and it appears I'll get at least one more this year. Today, Lola came out of school with a $1 bill, the change from the $5 bill she went to school with. A few minutes later, there she is with TWO $1 bills.

Me: "Lola, why do you have another dollar?"
Lola: "'Dave' gave it to me!"
Me: "Why did 'Dave' give you a dollar?"
Lola: "Because he didn't want it anymore."

I spied 'Dave' with his aunt across the yard, took the dollar from Lola and returned it to its rightful owner, who, upon being asked why he gave away his dollar, replied: "Because it was all wrinkly."

I told him he can give me all the wrinkly money he wants in the future. I told Lola to stay friends with him.

Oh, kids just crack me up.

* * *


Viv said…
Man, I need a friend who gives me their wrinkly money!
Teacher Mommy said…
I'll take any wrinkly money. I don't mind.
Kerri said…
don't ya just love the Santa Sale....Hannah bought Bill a nutcracker...because, ya, we TOTALLY need one of those. *yay*

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