I've Been To Hell, and There's a Big Mouse There

I just spent three hours at Chuck E. Cheese. I can't even quite describe the horror show I witnessed. It was hell. And it was just a normal day for the Mouse and his friends.

I can't help thinking that there is something deeply, deeply wrong about a culture that can produce such a place.

I need a quiet, dark room with carrots, water, and Judy's Breadsticks.

When -- or IF -- I recover, I might try exorcising the demons I brought home with me by writing about it. Or maybe I'll just let the whole day die away and never let its memory touch the light of day.

* * *


Ha! I spent the Friday after Thanksgiving there, and I was thinking that a sociologist could have a field day analyzing the culture and its childrearing mores which produced such a nightmarish place.
Heather said…
oh god it is awful. the food, the germs, the noise, the smell of plastic and brain cells melting away. and to think how much I myself loved it as a kid. Hats off to you for braving such a truly horrific scene. may you never visit that terrible place again!
Viv said…
We have a Chuck E. Cheese and one with a big purple lemur as the main character. I HATE them both. We also have a Dave & Buster's, where there is a bar...I tolerate D & B's the best.

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