My Foodie

What do you want to serve your friends at your birthday party, Lola?

Lola: "STEAK!"!

* * *

The family reminisces: "Remember when we all went to the Exploratorium? Remember the shadow room? Remember the human brain?"

Lola: "Remember the steak?"

* * *

The Buddy Club performer: "So what are your favorite foods, kids?"
Kid #1: "Pesto pasta!"
Kid #2: "Pizza"

Lola: "Steak!" (with slightly maniacal look in her eye and big crazy grin)

* * *

She also loves: brussels sprouts...garlic, as in she snacks on whole cloves...broccoli stalks...salmon...cayenne pepper...spicy guacamole...spicy salsa...spicy ribs...paella. Her palette is truly amazing. She is headed for an exciting and varied eating life.

Just think: someday, she might be cooking all those wonderful foods for me! Now that's what I would call a great return on an investment -- here's hoping it pays off, preferably before I have no teeth and all she can do is wipe the dribble from my chin.

* * *


Teacher Mommy said…
I'd say get her started on cooking classes ASAP.

Then sit back and enjoy.
Homemaker Man said…
That's really cool. My 2 and a half year old will eat chili, hummus and mexican food, but only when she feels like eating and she won't eat mac and cheese or a grilled cheese sandwich. Her palette is a jerk
Homemaker Man, OF COURSE her palette is a jerk: She's 2! She's not even human yet! :)

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