Because I Can

I served brussel sprouts tonight.

This was received with a level of resistance that would impress most revolutionaries. I, however, am the Supreme Dictator, and the sprouts went down. Not before I uttered some interesting sentences, including:

"You cannot stand there with your mouth full of food! That's not how we roll! You have to swallow!"

"This is so good for you: learning to eat stuff you don't like! I'm so proud of you!"

"Not fair that she has two and you have three? You're right. I'll give her three."

They hate me. This gives me the glowing feeling of being sure I am doing something right.

* * *

And the new normal is...

On the way home from school today, the girls asked me if we could go to a local bakery. I said no, we weren't going to stop anywhere, we were going to go home and have a nice normal evening.

A few minutes later, I told them what we were going to have for dinner and I mentioned that maybe we would even sit down and eat at the table for once. (Our dining room table is rarely empty enough for all of us to sit together at the same time...too much laundry, books, school papers, etc.) Lola piped up: "I thought you said tonight was going to be normal."

Snide little thing.

* * *

Oh, and one kid threw up her brussel sprouts, so maybe that Supreme Dictator thing was a little premature. I'll have to refine my technique.

* * *


nicole said…
did you cook the b.s in bacon?? super tasty.
No, but I'm pretty sure they thought the whole thing WAS b.s.!
Viv said…
I made brussels sprouts last night! I drowned mine in butter and cream, they were yummy, and the kids ate, like one each. Whoot! (don't take this away from me, okay?)
Hillori said…
Sometimes, I think that I should serve my family brussel sprouts, because that's what mom's do. But then I realize that I have to eat them too. I haven't quite summoned up the courage to do that yet. ;) My twin sister's family loves bruss sprouts, but after my kids hear my DH and I talk about them, I'm afraid we have ruined them for our kids.
Your blog is very funny! You're right, our families are close in age, and similarities. Your blog will be fun to read!

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