To Ad or Not To Ad

I am trying to decide whether or not to join Blogher, or Adsense, or one of those types of networks and start posting ads on this site. I haven't so far, because I figure that my five or so faithful readers (a) wouldn't like it and (b) wouldn't really be a very effective target market for any advertisers.

Oh, and (c) because I'm lazy and haven't really bothered to investigate or think very much about this issue.

What are the pros and cons? Would I have more readers? Would the ads annoy people, including me?

So much to think about. I think I'll go have a piece of pie instead.

If you have any thoughts one way or the other, if you have ads on your own blog or not, please share your experiences.

Coming next: I will post my apple pie recipe. It's not rocket science people, it's sugar and apples. And pears.

* * *


Viv said…
No ads for me. I ignore them myself, so I figure most people do too. There is one blog that I almost NEVER read these days because it takes too long to load with all the ads. I'll check back to see what other people think though, it'll be interesting to hear different view points.
Teacher Mommy said…
Nah. I decided against some time ago and I don't regret it. Maybe I'd earn a couple of dollars, but that's probably all. Not worth the hassle.

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